mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012

One year ago, at the Archaeological Museum “Sanna” of Sassari, Sardinia…

…..three friends noticed a discoidal object with incised, barely visible signs. The object was inside showcase Nr. 26, labeled with “Nuraghe Palmavera, Alghero, XV-IX century BC”. The disc itself, with a diameter of ca. 5 cm, is labeled as: “Large spindle-whorl or pawl for a rope ladder” and bear the inventory Nr. 618, 2471 Alghero-Sassari
Top, the discoidal object from nuraghe Palmavera. 
Bottom, cartoon by Franco Tabacco
I was one of those three people and after my visit I had to fly back home and I left Sardinia. Once at home, I immediately started to write to the Superintendance of Sassari and Nuoro, and to the Museum's director. The information that I was able to gather about this  object - obviously written- was close to nothing: nobody was able, or willing, to tell me when and by whom it  was found, and  where, whether within the main tower  or somewhere in the adjacent village. The director of the Museum, nevertheless, told me that the object is in ceramic, therefore I suggest that it is datable. The lifespan of the Palmavera Nuragic complex is between 1600 and 900-800 BC,  after which it ceased to exist. Palmavera is generally held as a paradigmatic case of non-integration with incoming new cultures, such as the so-called Phoenicians: for its entire existence it remained genuinely Nuragic. So, what is this inscription? Is it not time that we get some answers and that this object is taken, finally, into consideration in view of the long-standing debate about Nuragic script? Despite its discoidal form,  I can hardly believe that this find is an UFO.