martedì 27 novembre 2012

Sardinian bronzetti: back to Bronze Age

The daily L' Unione Sarda has recently published novel results emerged from a 5-year excavation project at the Giants' grave of Orroli, nearby the famous nuraghe Arrubiu (1). The new finds, from an undisturbed context, confirm that the renowned nuragic bronzetti date back to Bronze Age, specifically to the XIII-XII century BC, and not to the Iron Age as previously believed. Archaeologist Mauro Perra explains how important is this discovery to update the history of Sardinia. The new results corroborate previous studies published in 2010 and 2008 by archaeologists Franco Campus, Valentina Leonelli, Fulvia Lo Schiavo (2) and Maria Rosaria Manunza (3). Sardinian bronzetti, exquisite bronze figurines  of nuragic culture, are finally back to their future. You can watch a video on the discovery at Orroli here.

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