lunedì 25 agosto 2014

Il sacro ballo tondo dei ciprioti: κύκλιος χορός (kyklios khoros).

Da: Pavlos Flourentzos, Wind Musical Instruments from Ancient Cyprus (1/3)Wind Musical Instruments from Ancient Cyprus (2/3); Wind Musical Instruments from Ancient Cyprus (3/3) (International Congress on Cypriote Archaeology in Gotenborg on the 23rd of August, 1991). 

[..]There are the so-called ring dancers dancing the sacred dance called κύκλιος χορός (kyklios khoros). In the center of these dancing groups there is always a flute player. Three of them nos C.332 (pic.14), C.333 (pic.15) and C.336 (pic.16) are dated to the Cypro-Archaic II period  (600-475 a.C.) and the dancers are probably females. All of them are of unknown provenance. The fourth one (Inv. No. C.334) is a fragmentary dancing group rendered in “showman” technique. It consists of male figurines arranged in a ring dance with a central figure of a double flute player (pic.18). The group is dated to the Early Cypro-Classical I period (475-400 a.C.) and it was hitherto unpublished.